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SkyWheel from Steve Smart on Vimeo.

Cross Country Practice

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Used my trusty iPhone to shoot a quick piece on Holy Rosary Academy’s cross country practice Saturday morning. Edited on the phone too using iMovie for iOS.

Cross country practice from The Smart Family on Vimeo.

Savannah Candy Kitchen

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A quick iPhone video from our recent trip to Savannah.

Candy Kitchen from The Smart Family on Vimeo.

Hoop Mania

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Shot a fun time-lapse of Kathleen hula-hooping for 5 minutes compressed down to 18 seconds.

Hoop Mania from The Smart Family on Vimeo.

Holiday World – The Liberty Launch, 2013

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Almost a year later, here’s a short video of the Liberty Launch at Holiday World in 2013.

An Evening Skate

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Shot a quick, fun video with Stephen tonight after dinner as he skated and I rode my bike through our neighborhood.

Rollerblade practice

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Stephen practices his rollerblading skills on the downhill slope of the street in front of our house:

Jumping into Summer!

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Stephen jumps feet first into Summer and the pool at Cedars of Lebanon State Park as seen in this slow-mo video:

Stephen’s Violin Recital, Fall 2013

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Wind Chimes

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We received these wind chimes from my co-workers as an expression of sympathy at my dad’s funeral in August. Recently, on a beautiful Sunday morning, they were sounding great on a breezy morning so I put together this quick video.

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